[LAU] New blues and soul-esque tracks, need recording, mixing and mastering hints!

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Thu Aug 12 20:23:42 UTC 2010

torsdag 12 augusti 2010 14.03.47 skrev  Loki Davison:
> On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 1:10 AM, Jostein Chr. Andersen <jostein at vait.se> 
> > onsdag 11 augusti 2010 14.56.39 skrev  Loki Davison:
> >> Any hints? How does it sound? Are the drums recorded ok? What would
> >> you do with compression, reverb, EQ, anything else to these tracks?
> > 
> > The tracks have a great live feeling, nice!
> > 
> > Questions like this is always hard to answer because personal preferences
> > are so different for different people, bur I try a subjective answer
> > here:
> > 
> > 
> > IMHO, you have to make a new raw mix - balance everything again before
> > thinking compression, reverb and EQing. Right now, it's too load guitars,
> > to little bass, the drums are too dynamic and so is the voice too. When
> > yo have a better raw mix, it will be easier to decide what to do. You
> > will probably want to compress the drums and the voice, and possible
> > also flatten out the bass and tame the guitar. But first: New raw mix.
> > 
> > Make the drums sound as good as possible first, then the bass, then the
> > guitar and then the voice - no processing except hp filters.
> > 
> > Jostein
> Thanks guys for listening! :)
> Live feel was what I was aiming for so happy that is there. :)
> Any hints how I should get more of the bass drum and make the drums
> less dynamic as you suggested? Is this the directions i've pointed the
> mics or the choice of micing technique, playing or something else?
> It's the first time i've tried recording a drummer.

How did you record it, is it only two tracks or multitrack? It's not very easy 
to come up with a good answer for you here. :-) It's not very much meaning to 
suggest adjustmens as the mix sounds like now. A new raw mix please! :-)

If possible, you should record the drums one more time. You write that you use 
the recorderman technnique, wich surprises me a little bit because the kick is 
so week and sounds more like a tom - I expected more body and room. The HH 
sound is also a little strange because the sticks' sounds are very dominating. 
Maybe you should consider to use just one mic and do some experimenting: Go 
mono on drums and try just one condenser mic right above the kick and listen 
how the kit sounds sounds. You might very well get a well balanced drum sound 
that way. That might just do the trick. Experienced engineers do very often 
adjust the placement before it sounds as good as possible. On the other hand: 
I like the drums ringing body and that might disapear if you do any changes.

Do a little more accurate raw mix first that we (or at least my tinitus 
infected ears) can listen to again, then it will be slightly easier to come 
with a little more meaningful suggestions. :-) 


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