[LAU] SalamanderGrandPiano_V2 Released!

Philipp Überbacher hollunder at lavabit.com
Sun Aug 15 00:19:33 UTC 2010

Excerpts from alexander's message of 2010-08-14 23:40:09 +0200:
> > Thanks Alexander,
> > I'd love to test and use it, but LinuxSampler CVS seems to be more
> > broken than ever before. Itdoesn't load soundfonts half of the time,
> > crashes jack most of the time, and if it actually loads a soundfont
> > without crashing jack it glitches at almost every note. Piano glitchcore
> > out of the box is great, but not if you don't want it.
> Hmm that's odd, it compiled and runs fine here :o The opcodes for 
> pedalAction noise have been implemented now too! Remember that you have 
> to recompile libgig-cvs too when compiling LS-cvs..

Hi Alexander,
so far it seems the performance is horrible with the stock kernel and
nice with the rt kernel. It might be due to the low specs of my machine
or something else, I don't know yet.

I was contacted by a LS dev following my mail, and if I manage to narrow
the problem down further I'll tell him.

When running the rt kernel the only real issue are noise bursts when
playing a rather large number of notes. I had this issue in may as well,
so it's nothing new.

Good to know that pedal action should work now too.

One thing I noticed about the salamander is that its dynamics are
minimal compared to the sonart C7 .gig:

Maybe that sonart soundfont is extreme, but something in between would
be nice imho.


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