[LAU] does a pci-e x1 to pci adapter work with Linux soundcards and existing drivers?

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 06:50:22 UTC 2010

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 11:21 PM, Clemens Ladisch <clemens at ladisch.de> wrote:
> These adapters are useful only if you need some features of a PCI card
> and if your mainboard has already run out of free PCI slots.

Hopefully "all features" of the PCI card would be available, right?
There wouldn't be any bus-mastering issues, etc?

Would there be any additional issues with combining multiple ice1712
cards where some might be on PCI and some on converted PCI-e? Cards
like Terratec EWS88 or M-Audio Delta claim to share interrupts when
multiple cards of the same type are installed. I would imagine in a
PCIe slot that might not be the case? (Or is ice1712 resource sharing
across cards a windows-specific feature?)

Also, the "literature" from the URLs posted earlier states:
Technical benefit: A card in the PCIe slot gets the full dedicated PCI
bandwidth, one of the key benefits of the PCIe Point-to-Point
infrastructure. This contrasts with  a traditional PCI bus system
where the card would have to share the resources with cards in the
other slots, and any on-board PCI controllers, such as SATA adaptors
or Gigabit Ethernet, which can be quite bandwidth hungry.

Seems like this could be an interesting solution for those suffering
from graphics-card bus-contention with their soundcard.
(Not me I'm running low-end mobo-integrated ATI ... but you hear about
it...). The ultimate variation of the "move soundcard to a different
PCI slot" solution, I guess :-) .

-- Niels

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