[LAU] JACK scope?

allcoms allcoms at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 08:14:08 UTC 2010


Instead of just turning dials and moving sliders randomly, I decided
it was time to actually learn how to do it properly and study sound
synthesis via bristol and yoshimi and the help of manuals and guides
(like the arp2600 user manual). To that I end I went looking for a
good oscilloscope that supports JACK yesterday and was very
disappointed to find out there isn't one, not one that I was content
with at least.

meterbridge has a scope but it has no display options and you can't
resize the window. The only other jack-supporting scope I found that I
got to work was ll-scope which required I run it through the
dssi-jack-host. This had a couple of limited display options but again
there was no option to resize the display/window. qoscc didn't want to
compile under lucid ("Don't know how to handle this Qt major version"
vs QT3- is it really a QT 2 or older app?) so I doubt it would work
under squeeze or other modern distros and xoscope doesn't support

Seems like a fundamental, gaping hole needing to be filled in the
linux audio toolkit but hopefully there is a good one that is evading
me or someone may be able to explain how to compile qoscc under lucid?
I've already wrote to the xoscope author and requested he add JACK



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