[LAU] pc-keyboard with midi game port

Renato rennabh at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 10:15:19 UTC 2010

On Sat, 21 Aug 2010 00:45:29 +0100
Harry Van Haaren <harryhaaren at gmail.com> wrote:

> Renato,
> There's a tutorial on the Arduino site that shows exactly how to
> "read" characters from a PS/2 keyboard.

hey, this actually seems a good idea. I was thinking of using the
arduino for a cheap drum kit - hacking code from here, if someone's


I think I could have enough code space to hook up those piezos to the
analog ins and the keyboard to the digitals.

> Keep in mind though, that not all keys can be pressed at the same
> time... which may defeat the purpose of
> building your controller...?

well, it's a downside, but not a major one... I'm building this thing
mainly because it's fun and to learn
> From the Arduino you could emit MIDI, (there's a tutorial there
> somewhere in the forums.. dont know exactly where)
> but if your leaving it plugged into the computer, a serial
> connection, and a little SuperCollider (or Python if it was my choice)
> magic would sort out the MIDI in software...

I was using ttymidi which makes the arduino act as a usb-midi device -
it has an alsa midi interface and I think also a JACK midi one. But
actually doing the serial->MIDI conversion on the laptop might be
neater... I'll have to look into that, haven't done any serial
communication before

thanks for the suggestion! I'll think I'll go this way because I prefer
this keyboard to the usb one


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