[LAU] Questions about Cakewalk (Roland) A-500S

Guido Piazzi guido at fotocaos.it
Sat Aug 21 14:21:35 UTC 2010

I've just bought an A-800Pro. It doesn't seem to work with Linux out of
the box, but it works fine with USB advanced mode disabled.

I think making it work in advanced mode should only require a trivial
kernel patch (hardcoding the USB model number as it was done for the
Edirol PCR series midi controllers, now replaced by the Cakewalk A-PRO
series). I didn't try that yet.

The A-Pro keyboards can be configured to work as USB-midi interfaces for
connecting midi equipment to the computer via the midi in and midi out
sockets, besides sending midi codes via USB from the keyboard and

The A-300Pro and A-500Pro work the same way. I'm not sure about the
A-500S: you should download the manual, study it and then
try-before-you-buy... unless somebody else comes up.


Il giorno ven, 20/08/2010 alle 20.47 +0200, ~redShadow~ [ML] ha scritto:
> Hi all
> I am interested in buying a midi keyboard plus some "device to get midi
> signal on my computer".
> I was looking on the roland/edirol website, since I heard that hw from
> that brand is usually well supported by Linux, when I found the Cakewalk
> A-500S USB Midi Keyboard, that seems quite interesting to me.
> Does anyone own one? If so, I'd like to ask the owner(s) some details
> about the compaitibility of this device with Linux, if everything works
> well or there are any known issues / lacks of functionality; I see an
> USB connector on the side: when connecting to a computer, I guess that
> it should be recognised directly as a Midi device? Or I need a USB Midi
> interface, like the UM-1G or similar?
> Best regards

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