[LAU] Subconscious Affecting Music

Rob lau at kudla.org
Wed Aug 25 15:20:04 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 25 August 2010 10:52, cal wrote:
> Probably not at all what you had in mind, but in some possibly
>  tangential way you brought to mind recent experience with music therapy
>  in the context of palliative care. Maybe (just maybe) the research
>  associated with music therapy might offer something to aid you in your
>  quest.

The music therapist from the hospice who showed up at our place on the last 
day of my partner's life was playing some really soothing acoustic guitar.  
Its effect was to make us both more distraught since we just wanted him to 
go away and let us be alone together while the nurse was out getting 
morphine, but I assume it would help most people relax.  I think that the 
beat Patrick is hoping to subvert is about as far from that as you could 
possibly get and still be on an equal-tempered scale.

Well, they're probably both in 4/4 too.

Anyway, I think the best music can do for intelligence would be to get out 
of your mind's way and help you assimilate more knowledge a la the 
reputation of Mozart, which is something I don't really see happening at a 
club unless the knowledge you're looking for is how to get the barkeep's 
attention or perhaps how to have sex in public without getting busted, 
depending on the types of clubs one frequents.


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