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In Aug 25 A.D. 2010 allcoms scripsit:

> On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 1:16 PM, James Warden <warjamy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Can subconscious intelligence enhancing music actually be
>>> made or are we
>>> limited to the primitive senses of sexual reproduction and
>>> aggression for
>>> mass market appeal?
>> Patrick, I do not understand this sentence of yours.
>> Sexual reproduction is not a primitive sense, neither is "aggression", and the "goal" of sexual reprod. and aggressive behavior is not mass market appeal as you seem to suggest here.
>> When all this is said, mass markets are a given of our industrial societies. So of course, any marketable activity can lead to de facto industry standards or trends. Some ppl are easily appealed by those, some are not. But I don't see why we should label our basic biology or behaviors as primitive and link it to mass appeal. Could you elaborate ?
> I think what he's getting at is the intellectual, spiritual and
> artistic worth of mainstream popular music today - which is as bad if
> not worse than its ever been right now. Whilst I'm well aware there
> has always been trite music flogged by pretty looks and imagery for as
> long as we've had TV and a music charts it started to go really sour
> in the 90's with Britney, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys etc. - a disgusting
> proliferation of truly heartless, plastic, image-based substitute for
> music which led to the likes of S Club Juniors, TaTu and now Hannah
> Montana et al.
   Hm, I wonder, I am blind, have been my hole life, and looks mean nothing to 
me. Though I like Britney Spears, exactly because "her" music is what it is! 
Of course it marks a certain type of music and image, but that has been around 
for ages as well. This image has existed for hundreds of years, only now TV 
and charts aid it to spread very quickly and the marketing is easier and 
global. This image of seductive maiden and her male pendant have existed in 
some operas, in even older "popular" songs. Although I think the love for this 
image is slowly dwindling a bit, for th3e next fancy of popular culture.

> Call me a conspiracy theorist but I do firmly believe the dire state
> of mainstream popular music is an intentional attack on consciousness
> by Big Media. Thankfully though there are still plenty of great
> musicians producing genuine, worthy music out there - you just have to
> go look for it on through the alternative media outlets on the web
> etc.
   Why not call pop music worthy on its own. To get back to the afore mentioned 
Britney, there have been some quite nice arrangements, simple melodies, but 
you have to think of them as well and you have to arrange, record and produce 
them in a certain way, to get the desired effect. Of course this is far from 
progressive rock, Jazz or contemporary orchestral music. Still can you compare 
   I think someone also mentioned the fiend "commercial" music. Well there is 
commercially produced music and music intended for commerce only, written by 
musical economists. The former doesn't have to be fiendish. People have to 
live. I know some really good, complex, well done, superbly played and 
innovative music, which is commercial in the sense, that the musicians live 
from it, have it produced in studios, sell it, go on tour with it. As to the 
music with commercial intend: It depends who works on it. Commercial intend 
can be - I believe - induced by at least two sides; The record company and the 
songwirters/producers they involve. If you have a good songwriter/producer, 
who still knows what music is and what interesting sounds or gripping melodies 
are, it can still be worth a listen, if you take to that music after all.
   Kindest regards

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