[LAU] L2Ork PD first stable release now available

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Thu Dec 9 14:50:15 UTC 2010

Changes since release candidate 6:
*added apply undo/redo (applies to vanilla objects with properties (e.g.
gatom) plus currently as a test implementation only to the cnv object
from the iemgui set--I will add it to other applicable imegui objects
once the implementation is thoroughly tested).
*added resize handle to the cnv object.
*implemented auto-update of properties window (width/height and in cnv
case also selection area width/height if the properties window is open).
*fixed bug where autoconnect tries to auto-connect cnv objects.
*fixed regression where gatom objects after being duplicated are only
partially selected.
*fixed bug where changing object properties did not result in canvas
being "dirty."

Special thanks to all who have provided invaluable feedback in making
this release as bug-free as possible!


Best wishes,


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