[LAU] Balance between performance and noise

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Dec 9 17:35:53 UTC 2010

On 11/27/10 13:11, Arnold Krille wrote:
> Set ther cpu-governor to performance (so it doesn't switch frequencies which 
> produces xruns) but reduce the maximum allowed frequency.

what kernel are you running?

I do have realtime-kernels (, running on 4
PCs/Laptops (Intel core duo 32bit, Intel Core 2 Duo 64bit, Atom and an
Intel-i5) and on none of them frequency-scaling ever caused any x-runs.
The ondemand governor is ruling them all.

It /might/ be an issue with other CPUs or mainboards.. or non-RT
systems, or with extreme low latency. But I'm not seeing any issues with
freq scaling even at 32*2 at 48kHz.


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