[LAU] mx44 softsynth - help!?

Gwenhwyfaer gwenhwyfaer at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 08:35:06 EST 2010

On 21/01/2010, Mark Hadman <markhadman at googlemail.com> wrote:
[re Mx44.x]
> Mine is installed from Ubuntu repos, so no, I haven't used mx44.2.
> Looking at the screenshots though, the radio buttons and checkboxes are
> still unlabelled. Is there a useful man page with the new version, I
> wonder? Gwenhwyfaer, do you know the function of all the different controls?

Almost. In each of the operators, you have a checkbox next to the
envelope controls, a set of 8 radio buttons, a pair of checkboxes in
the top right hand corner, and a checkbox immediately below that pair.
Respectively, these are "waveshaper" (if checked, the wave is sent
through some kind of "resonant" waveshaping), "harmonic" (selects one
of the first 8 harmonics to add to the fundamental sine wave*),
"complex" (I think - don't quote me - the harmonic modulates the
fundamental instead of being added to it) and "lowpass" (clobber the
higher harmonics produced by the operator), and "magic" (some kind of
subtle detuning / phase manipulation effect - try it and see).

* Of course, I say "sine wave" - the operators don't use pure sine
waves; they use an extremely cheap to compute in MMX, but very rough
and audibly square-ish, approximation.

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