[LAU] Paper on new methods of notation

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Jul 3 12:13:07 UTC 2010

David Collins wrote:
> Hi,
> I've written a short paper on different methods of notation which have evolved recently, and thought that some readers here might be interested.
> The paper is available at http://indigo.uk.to/~david/notes/music/notation.pdf .
> The primary languages discussed are Mondrian, Abc notation, Csound, and Lilypond.

Hmm, I thought Lilypond was just software for producing very good 
quality traditional Western music notation. It's a different method?

Oh, sorry, I read your "different methods of notation" as different 
forms of music notation - IOW, something different from traditional 
Western music notation. Csound's a programming language, I guess that 
could be considered a form of music notation, but I'd consider that one 
specialized for "reading" by Csound. Like a player piano scroll is 
specialized for reading by a player piano.

I just don't think of them as "music notation". I'm probably too 
sheet-music oriented.

What's Mondrian?

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