[LAU] Paper on new methods of notation

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Jul 5 05:32:14 UTC 2010

Arnold Krille wrote:
> On Saturday 03 July 2010 20:43:52 Folderol wrote:
>> On Sat, 03 Jul 2010 02:17:45 -1000
>> david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
>>> Excuse me, I need to go notate this new thing called "rock music". I
>>> have hammer and chisel, what's the best kind of stone to notate "rock
>>> music" with? ;-)
>> You've been reading Terry Pratchett, haven't you :)
> I have only read the German translation ans while the German text talks about 
> "rock music" I think the English one (at least from the title) talks about 
> "soul music"?!
> But the style of Terry Pratchett is cool. Almost as cool as Douglas Adams 
> writings...

I think Pratchett is more focused and intentional satire. Adams is more 
chaotic. Hitchhikers' Guide had a short episodic structure that I think 
hindered it.

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