[LAU] ot-ish: musical scales question

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Tue Jul 6 11:53:02 UTC 2010

On 6 July 2010 09:23, James Morris <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:

> however, you may specify multiple events at the same position in the
> pattern. i can't recall what order the event occupying the same
> position will be processed in (ie fifo or filo) but each event will be
> placed individually in the grid. recall they have width when placed.
> so that when the scale stuff is implemented, if the X coordinate of
> the event when translated to pitch is not valid within the scale then
> X + n where n < X + WIDTH is used (provided X + n is a pitch which is
> not already playing on that port/channel combination ;-)).
> so some kind of random scale-based chord arrangement will be
> happening, if that's any good. i'm pretty knowledgeless about choords
> (i learnt the trumpet at school), and did not learn much about scales
> - the reasons i'm writing this;-)

which sounds something like this:


this is in the 'augmented' scale of c. apparently. i've not yet
implement any method of specifying a key so i'm guessing it's 'c'.

the data for this scale taken from arpage source code.

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