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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Jul 8 10:33:40 UTC 2010

Dave Phillips wrote:
> david wrote:
>> drew Roberts wrote:
>>> I seem to remember reading some science fiction once where poets were 
>>> the stars and musicians were in the state poets are in now.
>> Hmmm, what book was that?
> Well, the concept appears in Olaf Stapledon's "Last And First Men". If 
> you're into science fiction you should know his work. Quite the visionary.

Read that one along time ago. He would toss off an idea into 2 
paragraphs that other writers would have turned into an entire ongoing 

> re: Hollywood:
>> I've also heard they went west because land and other stuff was cheaper.
> When I lived in LA I dated a woman whose father had purchased 
> undeveloped land on Point Dume at the tip of Malibu Point. When demobbed 
> from the military in the early 50s he bought something like ten acres 
> out there for cheap-cheap. No electricity, no running water, no gas, 
> etc. In the early 1960s he retired after selling half the property. He 
> kept his family's home though, it had an amazing view of the Pacific 
> from the main room. The house wasn't a mansion or huge estate, it was 
> just a normal house but with a remarkable location.

That would be pretty cool.

> My neighbor in Santa Monica was a retired railroad employee. He'd been 
> living there since the 1940s, had a lot to say about ""what happened" to 
> Los Angeles during his lifetime. Let's just say that he watched property 
> values grow jet engines instead of wings during the 60s.

And some people wonder why everything is much more expensive now than it 
was during the 60's!

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