[LAU] Help finding parts for building a hardware system

Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 19:25:54 UTC 2010

In continuing my search for information on building a computer, I
found this website ( http://www.build-gaming-computers.com/ ). While
this site says it is about building a gaming system, I would imagine
that the information is applicable to building a system for using as a
Digital Audio Workstation, too.

I guess I should move on to other questions that are more related to
specifics about a DAW system. Things such as how the software would
take advantage of a multiple processor machine. Would something like
that require a custom compile for that particular machine? Or are
there builds that already exist? How about the system kernel? Would
that require a custom build for these things to be advantageous?

I would be interested in hearing anyone's experiences in putting
together their own systems, and how they decided what things to
include, AND exclude, and why?



On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 8:02 PM, Mike McGonagle <mjmogo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently have started having some issues with my current computer,
> an old Mac OSX laptop, so I want to build a computer (desktop or
> otherwise) to replace this older system. I pretty much have a list of
> some specs that I would like in this machine, but in starting a search
> for these things online, I feel I am getting nowhere fast.
> I am looking to building around some Linux distro, but I am not
> "married" to any particular system. My only hardware requirements are
> the ability to connect up my USB midi interface. I would also like to
> be able to capture digital audio from my external synths.
> If anyone could possibly give me a handle on some direction of where
> to start looking, it would be greatly appreciated. It just seems that
> there is so much information out there, and Google doesn't seem to be
> helping sort out the things I would need.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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