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Hey all,

Just to be dead clear: The RCA jack is NOT a balanced connection, and is
more susceptible to Radio Frequence interference. I'm not sure how serious
the OP
is about audio recording, but it is something to keep in mind.

Cheers, -Harry

PS: Info on differences of balanced / unbalanced stuff (from Sound on

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 12:07 AM, david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:

> AudioPhile 2496 has RCA jacks, works very very well with Linux.
> Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
>     e.  I did a large number of Google searches.  Found zero.  This
>>    didn't make sense to me, because I had just visited a local
>>    gamer-oriented PC store, and had seen an under-the-TV PC box shaped
>>    like a thick VCR which had RCA jacks for audio.  So I decided that I
>>    had to go beyond Google.  I first checked the Creative Labs web
>>    site's full line, and although RCA jacks weren't in any description
>>    (!), they were visible (!!!!) in two of the
>>    pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  So I knew they existed.  As with most
>>    things Creative Labs which are not cheapies, the ones I found there
>>    were rather expensive.  So I did some research using past reports on
>>    Linux Audio lists, found a make appearing to do very well
>>    (AudioTrak), found a model with RCA jacks using the photographs of
>>    cards, found a very good supplier (floridamusicco.com) of my chosen
>>    card (AudioTrak Prodigy HD2), put it in, and found that it works
>>    beautifully.  Not only does it work beautifully, but the quality of
>>    its electronics are visibly extraordinary.  I have been working off
>>    and on in hardware since 1981, and this card reminds me of some of
>>    the real beauties made years ago.  DIP sockets for op-amps.  Thick
>>    sturdy board, white in color to expose any issues.  Big strong
>>    capacitors, no cheapies.  And the price is very good considering its
>>    capability.  The card can do 192 kbps :-)  I don't use it at more
>>    than 96 kbps, and usually 48 kbps, because more takes up CPU!
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