[LAU] OT Rant: When will people stop comparing Windows/Linux apps?

Atte André Jensen atte at email.dk
Sun Jul 11 13:42:30 UTC 2010

On 2010-07-11 13:51, Andrew C wrote:
> Heck, even
> Mac OS X has more in common with linux than windows does, and I'm not
> seeing people going 'Why can't I run Ableton on this Mac? Ugh it sucks
> big time, I won't bother with it!'.

First: I only run linux, never tried Ableton Live, but would like to.

To answer (or comment) what you wrote there:

1) If you need ableton live, you need ableton live, and if it won't work 
on OS-however-nice it stops right there, at least for some people.

2) One reason mac users don't complain they can't run Ableton Live is, 
that they can :-)


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