[LAU] Wired... wires confused!

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 21:06:59 UTC 2010

Hey guys!

I just discovered the Wired project. I think I've seen their site before but
looked at it just now and installed it on my Ubuntu Jaunty (they have the
9.04 deb).

What can I say?
A pity. A pity that such a promising project, with beautiful GUI and
seemingly a pretty solid workflow is dead. In fact, I am surprised that less
appealing projects get developed while such a great Reason alternative which
could solve many people's problems is just sitting there.

I poked around it, but nothing seems to work. Somewhere it is mentioned that
JACK should be supported, but it does not give me jack in the list of
devices. It does give ALSA but on my rt kernel it doesn't glitch only on the
maximum buffer (frames) setting, somewhere beyond 4000, giving a pretty
large latency, unusable basically. I tried it again and later could get
better latency though I chose same options. Needs researching.

There seems to be a piano roll, but I could not yet figure out how it works.
The drum machine works well, both samplers seem to work ok too, though what
they play does not get synced to the drum machine or maybe I just did
something wrong.


If I had any resources, I would put them to work on Wired. I mean, it looks
great. Even their logo is super nice. Designers behind the team were really
talented. Who thinks the way I do?

Louigi Verona
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