[LAU] ASCAP Assails Free-Culture, Digital-Rights Groups

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 18:00:44 UTC 2010

Hartmut Noack said:
"To completely abolish the concept of intellectual property (gee... I hate
that corporatism the same as you do... ;-) ) will not work and will not
help. All the problems, you have rightfully stated above ( musicians
seldomly make any money in the given system etc) come from the
implementation of the concept and from the economic system, that uses this
concept and not from the concept itself."

Perhaps. However, I observe that the whole concept of intellectual property
and such utilitarian approach to art has its roots in today's western
economic system. It could be that the change of the economic system and the
resulting change of how people think would simply eliminate the concept of
IP as we know it today.

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