[LAU] a gentle boxyseq composition

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Jul 19 10:22:20 UTC 2010

On 19 July 2010 11:20, James Morris <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:
> something arisen during development of http://github.com/jwm-art-net/BoxySeq
> http://jwm-art.net/art/audio/approaching.ogg
> made 2 and a half weeks ago.
> development is stalling over transport/timebase issues.
> anyway i think it demonstrates some interesting and/or nice sequences
> can arise from the concept of boxyseq.
> once it has a graphical user interface, more sophisticated
> compositions would be possible.
> james.

Sorry, should say: boxyseq is doing the realtime MIDI sequencing. I am
tweaking Yoshimi voice parameters by hand as the piece progresses
(thanks WJG for the Xylophone :-))

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