[LAU] linuxDSP LV2 plugins for Ardour and linux DAWs

linuxdsp mike at linuxdsp.co.uk
Sat Jul 24 19:58:42 UTC 2010

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to some plugins from linuxDSP, 
which can be found here:


They are available as LV2 plugins compatible with most recent versions 
of Ardour and Qtractor (and other hosts that support the required LV2 
extensions) and also as linux VSTs for hosts such as energyXT, renoise 
(and also Qtractor when built with the VST headers).  They are also 
available as standalone JACK client applications.

The most recent releases (the Pro-EQ and Pro-Dynamics) are specifically 
intended to add professional quality channel processing to DAWs e.g. 
Ardour, and in addition to high quality signal processing also feature 
an innovative resizable GUI.

All the LV2 plugins have a GUI that will display the same way in a GTK 
host as in a Qt host - which is not always the case with other plugins.

The plugins are not all free, but as one of the few full-time developers 
of linux audio software (with over 20 years professional experience of 
pro-audio), it is necessary to cover the cost of development and 
provision of the software - and I think they are still very reasonably 




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