[LAU] Intel graphics chipsets and realtime

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Mon Mar 1 16:09:24 EST 2010

> how i used to love the way you were *not* antialiasing your visuals...
> tongue firmly in cheek,
:) I never said that the shadows are antialiased, I think that is not 
possible with integrated old Intel 965 chipset. When you remember I had 
something with shadows on LAC 2008 in Cologne, but there I had my 3kilo 
laptop with Nvidia graphics, now I am at 1.3 kilo. So its more like 
regaining possibilities, and I use the shadows for giving an idea of 
volume. But indeed, when I remember right there were some complains in 
Graz in October that my virtual shadows are not antialiased.

We will see what I come up with, of course nothing is ready yet...



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