[LAU] Convolution in LinuxSampler

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Mar 4 05:15:09 EST 2010

   sorry for crossposting, but I didn't know, where to best reach the 
   I wondered about convolution in LinuxSampler. The GS3 format certainly 
supports in-sampler convolving (having their own files for that). I seem to 
rememb3er, that working out the format was not the real issue, but the 
implementation itself. But there I think Fons offered his convolution classes 
- as used in jconv - to easily implement it.
   As I now have more and more nice sounds, including even more handsome IRs 
(either rooms or body IRs) I was wondering, if the convolution issue is still 
persued. I certainly would very much appreciate it!
   So could someone please give me an update of the way LS is going?
   Warm regards

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