[LAU] A crazy idea

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 17:13:21 EST 2010

> With such noise generating things on your bike you'd be
> excluded from the TDF anyway :-)

Yeah, I heard you couldn't enter without a cocaine dependency 
either - Jon, do you have a habit?

> Of course you can find acceleration from the rate of change
> of cadence plus gear ratio etc. And according to Newton,
> F = ma and we know m. But that assumes that it is the force
> on the pedals that causes the acceleration, which is not
> always the case. And the roar of a motor is very dependent
> on the work it has to do.

Chasing away from lights in the city is a pretty close thing. This
was a fun project proposal, now it needs pulse detectors, some
accelerometers, pressure guages, a small computer, gps, 2 separate
lead acid accumultators to take care of the Omron X5MF 24V (one in 
each pannier assumably), a speaker set in a rucksack and a wind vane 
on a 10 meter pole. 
Man, I would start suggesting that a better method would be to strap 
a 2-stroke to his back and mic it up - I am sure LAU could advise on 
optimal positioning. 

Now if he does go for strapping the motor on his back then
the Omron could also be placed in a small tank mounted on the
crossbar (that will keep them dry and could also house the mic
pre-amps), he could chrome up his front forks, get a full face visor
crashhelmet on and splash out on a set of leathers. Anybody on 
the list know of a few tattoo artists to boot? Oh, and now he will
need those TDF steroids to even get the whole lot moving in the
first place - is Lance on the list?

Many thanks for the extra little bit of selfpublicity, that will 
certainly help me sleep better.

Regards, nick.
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