[LAU] A crazy idea

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 05:13:05 EST 2010

michael noble wrote:
> I don't mean to sound like a wowser or a troll, as this sounds like
> kind of a cool project, but ahh, I'd say stick with the headphones.
> Background sound levels in urban areas continue to increase relatively
> unabated, and given the connections between stress levels and noise,
> headphones may be more civic-minded. It's bad enough that people want
> to start blasting synthesized engine sounds out of (thankfully)
> quieter electric and hybrid vehicles.
> just a thought
That's a fair point, and one of the reasons that I cycle to work anyway.

If I do ever get rounding to building this, I don't think I'd be likely 
to use it all the time anyway - just to "impress my mates" on rare 

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