[LAU] Audio app which supports RT Jack Transport bpm changes

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Mar 5 07:32:55 EST 2010

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 12:37 PM, rosea grammostola
<rosea.grammostola at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is a discussion about Jack Transport now on jack-devel...

I'm not currently subscribed to jack-devel, so I thought I should go
and check the archives -- but I couldn't find a working archive!

The one at http://boudicca.tux.org/hypermail/ referred to from the
list info page is not responding at all, and the one at
http://lists.jackaudio.org/listinfo.cgi/jack-devel-jackaudio.org seems
to be members only.  Now I could (re?)subscribe, but is there any
reason why it's closed like that in the first place?


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