[LAU] [LAD] Descent synth as dssi

Gerald Mwangi gerald.mwangi at gmx.de
Sat Mar 6 06:04:11 EST 2010


On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 10:16 -0600, Josh Lawrence wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 4:43 AM, Gerald Mwangi <gerald.mwangi at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Hi, does anyone know a synth powerfull like zynadd, phasex or
> > bristol,but in dssi format? I need something I can load into Rosegarden,
> > since I dont want 10 Standalones running, until ardour, rg and the
> > synths support LASH, if that ever happens.
> I have no idea why, but I have a warm, fuzzy soft place in my heart
> for DSSI plugins.  they always seem to just work.  whysynth has
> already been mentioned, but be sure to check out the calf monosynth,
> which can be run as a DSSI plugin:
> jack-dssi-host calf.so:Monosynth
> check out the DSSI home page too, for a lot of other options.
> I'm hoping this thread will reveal some that I don't know about!  we
> really need something like specimen in DSSI format.
> > I think LASH should be integrated into Jack, to make it mandatory for
> > linux audio apps. The missing LASH support is one of the main issues
> > disturbing me, when working with linux audio. Now I've said it, ha.
> > I'm thinking of having Jack require a Load/Save callback, prior to
> > activating the client. How feasible is that?

Sorry I'm just in the middle of a production, and had to explode a
litte. I was experimenting with a lot of synths and found those to be
usefull, which aren't in plugin format.

> why oh why oh why did you throw this paragraph in?  now no one wants
> to talk about DSSI anymore... :(

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