[LAU] aconnect: Connection failed (Operation not permitted)

David Adler david.jo.adler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 08:21:20 EST 2010

On 3/6/10, Renato wrote:
> Thanks, it does work now. But I am pretty
> sure that yesterday I had something like this (note port numberings):
> $ aconnect -i
> client 130: 'FreeWheeling' [type=user]
>     0 'FreeWheeling OUT 1'
>     1 'FreeWheeling OUT 2'
>     2 'FreeWheeling OUT 3'
>     3 'FreeWheeling OUT 4'
> $ aconnect -o
> client 130: 'FreeWheeling' [type=user]
>     0 'FreeWheeling IN 1'
> and hence my headache. Or maybe I'm just freaking out :)
> anyway, I think (hope) I've got how it works now, thanks again.

Hmm. I hope it'll consistently work from now on. :)
All this gave me some headache as well back
when I started using aconnect, especially the
input/output naming.

If I where asked, I'd say it is a mistake in aconnect,
since Jack audio, Jack MIDI and qjackctl all handle
it the other way round. However, me (humble) just
assumed there is a valid reason from a dev POV
to name I/O towards the 'connecting entity' instead
of towards the 'application entity'.
Changing it now would certainly be a bad idea,
breaking all apps and scripts that rely on aconnect.


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