[LAU] New Music

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Thu Mar 11 04:09:22 EST 2010

onsdag mars 10 2010 12.44.58 skrev  Gerald Mwangi:
> Hi Guys,
> At last I've managed to put my music online.
> Check out http://www.jamendo.com/de/album/62900.
> 'Let it go' is my first Linux only production, and now I have fully
> converted to Linux. Jack-Apps just rock!
> Please send me your impressions.

Congrats Gerald, really, really excellent melodies! It's not often I hear so 
many great songs in one place this days, and that woman's voice is just great! 

But excellent melodies like this deserves much more. Your music belongs to the 
absolute top division and have to be measured from that point of view - let me 
mention some things that leaves room for improvements first and end with the 

When we talks about the sound and feeling, the whole thing sounds just like a 
sound font demo (with some guitar work processed thru plugins). That don't 
have to be a bad thing, but your melodies - which are much more demanding than 
they sounds like -  needs to be played live by groovy people with good skills 
on their instruments. It is very easy to hear what you want, but your uploads 
sounds just like some boxed half finished versions of your ideas. And the 
disted guitars sounds really bad.

You are confusing me :-) , the arrangements goes from very under arranged and 
demoished to excellent arranged in parts. Some songs have some beginner 
skilled guitar playing (and is also is out of tune in some places) and can 
also contain excellent playing and sounds (like your wah-wah work which is 
really good). I will say that the same songs very clearly contains both 
amateur work as well as professional work. And in one hand, it sounds like a 
sound font party and on the other hand the instruments separates excellent in 
the mix. To me, you sounds sometime like a beginner and sometimes like a pro. 
Very confusing. 

It's very clear that you are an unusual talent when it comes to composing and 
making good melodies - you have without doubt a great potential of making a 
living of it! And the songs do have great arrangement and composing details 
here and there that makes me listen to this over and over.

Please, do this stuff over again, make some more songs, get some decent 
samples (drums and brass), buy a POD for the guitars on ebay.

I'm 100% sure that if you continue what you are doing and improves it, then 
you will be a well known name in the music world - both your songs and your 
voice are great!

Finally, the songs I like best is: "make me be", "Let it go" and "aboutme", 
but that said: I like all of them!


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