[LAU] Syncing MIDI with accoustic guitar

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sat Mar 13 14:45:31 EST 2010


  Seems not that easy to use Ardour with seq24 in order to be able to
add MIDI tracks to a recorded track of accoustic guitar (recorded using
a seq24 4/4 sequence length 1 pattern that repeats itself).  There's
the lead-in 4 clicks during which silence is recorded in Ardour, that
have to be chopped up afterwards so the accosutic guitar riff repeats
itself to the click track seamlessly.  Then the end of the
guitar recording itslef that has to be adjusted to fit on the next

  The idea is to be able to have an accoustic guitar riff that repeats
itself over a seq24 click pattern, endlessly.  And during that time,
being able to input new MIDI intruments of any sequence length.  This
is to try things out, not to have a setup that will be recorded as a
final song.  The final song though would be similar as it'd be synced
to Ardour but would be based on the song editor of seq24 instead of
simple patterns.

  It'd would be nice to be able to tell Ardour to start recording after
the first pattern run, and then to stop recording after x number of
pattern runs.  Or maybe a seq24 song shoudl be used instead, right from
the start.

  Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.

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