[LAU] converting midi file to sheet music problems

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Mar 14 03:28:57 EDT 2010

david wrote:
> robert lazarski wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The following midi file is using 3 channels - (1) piano , (2) bass ,
>> (10) drums - and I want to create sheet music for only the piano part:
>> http://braziloutsource.com/random/poinciana.mid
>> I tried the following lilypond commands, but I only get the bass clef
>> in the created "poinciana-converted.pdf" file, as well as lots of
>> warnings in the last command:
>> midi2ly poinciana.mid -opoinciana.ly
>> convert-ly poinciana.ly > poinciana-converted.ly
>> lilypond poinciana-converted.ly
>> I tried removing the bass and drums channels in seq24, but opening the
>> file gives me a "Unsupported MIDI format detected: 0" error.
>> Please help.
> Try Rosegarden. I imported the MIDI into Rosegard 1.7.0, deleted the 
> bass and drum tracks, then selected the Preview with Lilypond option and 
> got fine looking sheet music (albeit the whole track on a single stave). 
> As a pianist, I'd want to split it into the standard bass and treble 
> staff, though.

I was able to split the segment at middle C using RG's Segments > Split 
 > Split on Pitch option, set to use Treble and Bass Clef. You could 
experiment with the split point if needed. Then I selected the segments 
(it keeps them linked), cut them, and pasted them back. That broke their 
linking and I was able to drag the lower segment to the track below and 
got a very usable piece of sheet music.

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