[LAU] MagicScore Word Plugin

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Sun Mar 14 14:51:18 EDT 2010

> Those who still use Windows and Word, MagicScore, one of the decent closed-
> source notation programs now has a plugin for editing and embedding score into
> word documents. (What gets embedded in the doc are pictures--this is not
> really full OLE/embedding so results can be opened in OpenOffice.)
For those who don't... LilyPond (one of *the* best notation typesetting 
systems) can be used with LaTeX since ages:


And it can also be used in OpenOffice via OOoLilyPond

> http://www.musicnotationformsword.com/
> You can get it for $49 for a short time if one dare spend money.
You can get the above mentioned for $0 if you don't dare use 
closed-source Microsoft-engaged software :)
> For the rest of us: OpenOffice and AbiWord have plugin APIs as well. Anyone,
> mscore, nted, want to do something like this? Who knows? Linux folks might
> even purchase such an add-on to their favorite GPL product!
And btw, mscore, nted, Rosegarden can export to LilyPond...
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