[LAU] selecting between two streams of midi clock

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 04:19:23 EDT 2010

Dave Phillips wrote:

> I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, but it might be useful 
> anyway:
>    http://www.niallmoody.com/otherprograms.htm
> Look for the MouseToOSC program. It does MIDI to OSC too, IIRC.

I guess a way to use it would be to open two instances, each receiving a 
separate stream of midi clock, converting them to OSC. Then another 
program (pd for instance) could listen to both OSC streams and send the 
appropiate stream to another instance of MouseToOsc for converting back 
to midi clock.

However it doesn't seem to support midi clock, and since I don't have 
juce installed, it doesn't build ATM.

I patched chuck to allow sending out midi clock, but for some reason 
this solution seemed rather unstable. I might dig further later on, but 
for now, I decided to simplify things by having only a single 
midi-clock-generating application running.

Thanks for the input, though!


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