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Wed Mar 17 09:02:37 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm the author of the aforementioned Multimedia Audio Course.

I'd like to know what is so wrong with the text. Could you make some 
examples? It would be helpful to me.

This text has been available on Internet for some years and some people 
helped me out in fixing some specific errors, which can occur when 
dealing with so many informations.

Among the schools they are using this textbook, there are universities 
and music academies, I don't think that all these people don't have a 
clue about sound and audio...

Anyway, the aim of this book is to provide a good basic knowledge in 
sound engineering, so if you want to outline the errors you found I will 
be glad to improve the text.


Marco Sacco

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Date: Mon Mar 15 2010 - 13:37:37 EET

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 10:42:50PM -0700, sevol wrote:

/> "The Multimedia Audio Course is a Sound engineering course /
/> adopted by audio schools. The online version is completely /
/> free and under Creative Commons license." /

I wouldn't recommend anyone paying for a 'school' using
that course. Or even not paying for it. Just 15 minutes
of cursory reading shows it is full of errors. And I do
no mean typos or the type of simplifications you could
expect in an introduction, but things that are plain


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