[LAU] A sound decision

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Mar 17 13:10:56 EDT 2010

Ray Rashif wrote:
> On 17 March 2010 15:58, Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wednesday 17 March 2010 08:32:15 Ray Rashif wrote:
>>> Oo 10 years..yeah that could work. I'm not a frequent update either,
>>> but anyway a little guesstheomatical fun:
>> <snip>
>>> ## Conclusion ##
>>> Assuming the average schooling and working Archer reads 10 articles a
>>> day, it would take approx. 7 days or a week (inclusive of the
>>> less-than-half-hour pacman -Syyu) to overcome this updating feat.
>> Having worked with gentoo and therefore knowing the update-processes in such a
>> setup, I can tell you that your calculation is senseless. Its not wrong in the
>> mathematical sense, although you can't really add up update-sizes because
>> after some months you will realize that not every in-between version of an app
>> to go from the initially installed one to the final one will have to be
>> downloaded and installed.
>> But its wrong because the time and trouble for updates aren't the download
>> times but the times when you configure and reconfigure services. And when you
>> try to manage to get your current distribution-tool to work with the
>> repository present in ten years. And the time to learn about which apps and
>> libs have been deprecated and discontinued and which new apps and libs replace
>> these...
> Definitely, and those haven't even been factored in. And also,
> packages will definitely grow to be larger than they are now.

And I expect bandwidth will become more costly.

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