[LAU] [Music] Another, very short, prog instrumental

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Wed Mar 17 16:36:00 EDT 2010

Hello again Julien (and everyone else, too, of course!)

I've tweaked the mix a little bit, to bring the horns and trumpets up a 
little. I didn't want to bring them up too far, as they shouldn't be too 
obvious in the mix -- but on the other hand, they need to be audible!

I think they should be audible now, but then I know what I'm listening 
out for, so I'd be grateful if you could lend me your ears again and let 
me know whether it sounds better now.

FLAC (14.6 MB):

OGG-10 (7.4 MB):

MP3 (6.2 MB):

Many thanks


Julien Claassen wrote:
> Evening Q!
>   Nice work. Very pollished, as the last time. You have a way with your 
> final versions. I wish I would put so much work and eye for the detail 
> into it.
>   It's a nice experience reading the list of used instruments and then 
> listening to the song. I was able to actually perceive most of them, as 
> such. Only the brass section is lost on me, as a seperate instrument. 
> Perhaps another technique I should learn. I think I mentioned this with 
> Lovatnet, that I enjoyed the way you glued the sounds of several 
> instruments together to one big combined sound colour.
>   The akkordeon is a unique choice. I think I rarely hear akkordeo at 
> all and the mellotron version I've never heard before this song.
>   The guitar work (on all three solo guitars) is lovely. More on the 
> intuitive side, at least so it sounds for the electric guitar(s), which 
> befits the piece. It reminds me a bit of Carlos Santana - especially in 
> the last section.
>   Well the mixing of the drums wouldn't have been my choice, but then it 
> wasn't me putting God only knows how many hours into that piece. So I 
> shut my trap. :-)
>   All in all: Throw part 2 at us. Or wait, perhaps first continue 
> Lovatnet, which you left hanging, with what - I believe - they call a 
> cliff hanger. Can you hear the imminent golumph of me disappearing in 
> the river. :-)
>   Thanks for sharing this!
>   Kindly yours
>            Julien

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