[LAU] [Music] Another, very short, prog instrumental

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Wed Mar 17 17:03:06 EDT 2010

Hi Harry

Thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's nice to know the mix is clean. It's sad though that even 
non-mainstream genres such as prog have fallen victim to the loudness 
war -- I don't know who such bands, on what radio stations, they think 
they are going to be competing with the ultrasquashed, more commercial 

I like to get my own pieces somewhere in the vague region of 
professional CDs, but I'm not going to push the level too far; I like my 
distortion in small doses, not on everything all the time. If I need it 
louder I have a knob for that only two inches from my mouse!

It sounds like I might be getting there with the brass -- I don't feel 
it does want to bring attention to itself, more be one of those things 
that you would notice by its absence. But to achieve that, first it 
needs to be audible! So I'm obviously moving in the right direction. I 
really must put it down for a couple of weeks and come back with fresher 

Thanks again for listening.


Harry Van Haaren wrote:
> Hey Q,
> Checked out the track there, (the newer version),
> although the brass is noticeable (just), I might agree with someone
> who says its a little soft. But its preference, do you want attention 
> brought
> to the brass, or is it there to fill the spectrum, and allow the guitar 
> to soar above it?
> Clean mixing, its nice to hear such different styles mixed to the "I 
> compress my master X 1000%"
> before releasing...
> Enjoyed the track, keep em coming! -Harry

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