[LAU] OT: Which crappy mic should I use?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Mar 19 03:16:12 EDT 2010


On Friday 19 March 2010 01:24:03 Ken Restivo wrote:
> So I am recording the band's vocals tomorrow for this record, and, due to
>  acute poverty and our practice-room-mates absconding with all the mics,
>  the only mics we have available to us now are:
> 1) Shure PG-58 (with on-off switch! woo-hoo!)
> and
> 2) Zoom H2
> Which of these not-very-good choices would you recoomend would be slightly
>  less crappy for recording vocals?

As most people here haven't worked with the PG58 and so assume "standard" 
Shure quality with these:

They get sold under 50€ for a box of three PG58 including cables. Now think 
how much quality you can expect from that...

If you had a SM58 or even a beta58, I wouldn't worry (although these are more 
live mics), but the PG58 is just cheap crap.

Use the mics of the Zoom. Block its omni direction with some shielding around 
it, create an el-cheapo pop-filter with the singers nylons (assuming its a 

Maybe that helps...

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