[LAU] HDSP 9652+Win 7 == update flash - bye bye Linux audio & Alsa?

Peder Hedlund peder at musikhuset.org
Fri Mar 19 18:32:30 EDT 2010

Quoting Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com>:

>> So far, all new PC's I've encountered still have drivers for XP if you
>> go to their website.
>> The trick to recognizing SATA is to set it to "Compatible" instead of
>> "Native" in BIOS. Once you've installed the proper driver you can set
>> it back to Native.
> Nahh...didn't work on these Intel motherboards. I tried all three
> modes available in BIOS. None of them worked.

I got a Lenovo M58 today with an Intel MoBo and the trick there was to  
disable AHCI in the SATA settings. After that I had no problem booting  
and installing with my XP-SP3 CD.

- Peder

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