[LAU] OT: Which crappy mic should I use?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Mar 20 05:04:48 EDT 2010

On Friday 19 March 2010 23:10:11 Ken Restivo wrote:
> It's going to come down to convenience, I think. I prefer dealing1 with my
>  M-Audio FastTrack with its nice XLR and TRS connectors and ability to turn
>  off hardware monitoring, than dealing with the Zoom with its always-on
>  hardware monitoring and dinky 1/8" jacks. So I'll probably end up using
>  the PG58 for everything except background vocals where we'll have 3 or 4
>  of us standing around the Zoom in a 120-degree pattern.

Why not use the zoom as a microphone and record it with the fasttrack?
If you can't turn off the hw-monitoring on the zoom, make it a feature. Connect 
the outputs of the zoom to the inputs of the fasttrack. Then you get the mics 
and pre-amps of the zoom and the convenience of the fasttrack. And if you 
press the record-button of the zoom, you get a backup recording as a bonus.

Have fun,


PS: I would love to say I couldn't differentiate between the pg58 and my little 
studio-projects condenser-mics. But even the difference between the pg and an 
sm is obvious when you have both on stage through a pa...
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