[LAU] A nice three-band split

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Fri Mar 26 07:48:53 EDT 2010

Hello everyone!
   I want to split an audio signal in three frequency bands, as used in 
multiband compression/other mastering purposes. I'm using LADSPA effects for 
that. But I have the feeling, that I'm not doing it completely right, as the 
simple three-band filter already changes the sound of the audio. Here are my 
low_pass: LADSPA unique ID: 1891, lowpass_cutoff: 120, stages: 1
mid_pass: LADSPA unique ID: 1892, band_centre_frequency: 420, BAND WIDTH: 800, 
stages: 1
high_pass: LADSPA unique ID: 1890, highpass_cutoff: 920, stages: 1

   Mathematically seen, the three bands just touch. But then there are the 
filter stages. Should I set them higher, so the bands don't overlap? Or should 
grow/shrink the limits of the bands/ What would be your best bet?
   Thanks and kindest regards

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