[LAU] Yoshimi locking up on loading Will Godfrey pads

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Fri Mar 26 08:07:17 EDT 2010

I finally got around to building Yoshimi and I like it rather a lot. It seems a lot more stable than Zyn.

The pad I was going to use on this record, is a Will J. Godfrey pad included with the Yoshimi distribution, called 0030-Slow Strings.xiz . There is one small problem. Loading this pad-- and actually many other of the Will Godfrey patches-- causes Yoshimi to lock up completely, and take part of my window manager with it!

Basically, Yoshimi just stops at the file open dialog box, doesn't seem to be using any CPU, but won't let go of the window manager either, freezing the screen. Yoshimi doesn't respond to kill signals either, but I can kill -9 it to get my screen back. I'm using ion3 so it'll only take out one section of a split screen, not my whole screen.

The only error message that I get-- which I can see once kill -9'ing it-- is "X_TranslateCoords: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 0x800099".

Bummer, because I'd rather use Yoshimi than take my chances with Zyn, but the main thing I'd use it for is Will's pads anyway.


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