[LAU] Yoshimi locking up on loading Will Godfrey pads

cal cal at graggrag.com
Fri Mar 26 10:31:24 EDT 2010

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Ken Restivo wrote:
>> ...
>> Basically, Yoshimi just stops at the file open dialog box, doesn't seem to be using any CPU, but won't let go of the window manager either, freezing the screen. Yoshimi doesn't respond to kill signals either, but I can kill -9 it to get my screen back. I'm using ion3 so it'll only take out one section of a split screen, not my whole screen.
>> The only error message that I get-- which I can see once kill -9'ing it-- is "X_TranslateCoords: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 0x800099".
> Hi Ken,
> I Googled for the error and came up with quite a few references to the X 
> error. Unfortunately I couldn't find a fix specific to your problem. 
> Check out the various links on Google, perhaps something there will ring 
> a bell for you.
> Maybe something to do with single vs double buffering in the graphics 
> functions ?

Thank you for that pointer. I've also noticed a quirk or two in 055.x, I'll
see what I can find (and fix).

cheers, Cal

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