[LAU] Linux mastering services?

Aurelien tyranorl at free.fr
Mon Mar 29 02:34:10 EDT 2010

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 03:30:58PM -0700, Ken Restivo wrote :
> We're almost done with a 12-track, 40-minute-long CD, recorded partially in Ardour and mixed entirely in Ardour.
> We should probably get it mastered. However, "pro" mastering houses want like $500 for a CD. We haven't made that much money in a year. I think we spent a total of $80 on recording it. So, not likely that we'll be justify big bucks to get it mastered.
> I suppose I could run it through Jamin myself, and just hope for the best, but I don't know squat about mastering.
> Are there any Linux-based mastering engineers around (i.e. on this list) who'd want to take on a project like this, for a rate that we might be able to actually justify?


I'm part of a studio which do mastering with Jamin (and which can also
use TL-Audio to "warm up" signals) => http://studio.ammd.net
However, this studio belongs to a label, and we only work for the label
artists (so that we're sure that the production remains free art with
Don't know exactly how we can help you, but we surely can and want, so
just contact us : orl at ammd[dot]justfillthegoodextension or
charly at ammd[dot]justfillthegoodextension.
At least, I think you may send us your bounces, and we can look to what
we would do on it, and send it back to you (or send the jamin file back
to you).

Mastering is not such a "magical thing"!

> -ken
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