[LAU] How to handle large amount of pdf files (music sheets) for collaborative usage

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Mar 30 15:43:25 EDT 2010

Nils Hammerfest wrote:

> This is a question what is the best way to make a lage amount of pdf files (hundreds of GB, more to come) and make them available for a Local Area Network of users to print and edit them. Make them searchable and get the file easily and send them per mail to print.
> There is currently a Windows solution including completly unfree tools so that not every computer can even do the work we are supposed to do because of license restrictions (at least its all legal). The current windows-based database is slow in access and has a heavy lag to snyc files, sometimes even hours. 
> I don't have access to the servers so I can't check whats going on, but I want to know if there isn't a Linux way :)
> Where I work we prepare lots of notation for print and finally print them. There are sadly no source files: We get generated pdf files from various software from all OS and we produce scans of existing material. There are few meta information like Composer, Title and a serial number. 
> Actual Questions:
> 1) What Database/Way and Frontend would you use to handle pdf files? (Filesizes per file >200 kb <200 MB, Multiple files per project/musical piece )

Get a quality enterprise content management system. There is a 
full-blown FOSS one called Alfresco that you could try out and see how 
it goes:


ECMs provide powerful searching capabilities, enhanced by the ability to 
tag documents with metadata that make searching and managing them 
easier. I would think that categories such as musician, composer, 
instruments, etc, might be very useful in your situation.

I'm not a user of Alfresco, I work with its cousin, EMC Documentum. 
(Alfresco was founded by one of the men who founded Documentum.) 
Documentum has been described by some as the Maserati of ECM (it can do 
practically anything anyone might want to do in the ECM field, but costs 
a LOT and takes a lot of experienced help!)

> 2) Do you know any free PDF editor besides "PDFEdit" (which seemed fine from screenshots and descriptions, but first tries were not successful)

Sorry, have no clue there, the usual advice about editing PDFs is to 
edit the SOURCE document and regenerate the PDF. PDFs really aren't 
intended to be edited - text editing even in Adobe Acrobat is tedious.

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