[LAU] RTA/EQ for room analysis in Linux

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Tue Mar 30 18:52:37 EDT 2010

On 30 March 2010 at 3:42, Brent Busby <brent at keycorner.org> wrote:

> I've seen a few Java programs out there, which, while not actually 
> written for Jack/Alsa, would probably be usable.  What's out there 
> that's recommended/good for this though?  Is there anything that will 
> work directly with Jack (and use a RME/Hammerfall as an interface)?
> I have an analog 30-band stereo graphic equalizer already that I could 
> use in conjunction with this, if that would help.

This might be more than you need.  But, some have had really good 
results with it.  It's more than just frequency magnitude leveling.




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