[LAU] Soon to be released Grand Piano sample library

alexander axeldenstore at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 06:42:58 EDT 2010

Hey Hey Hey!

I'm currently making a rather big grand piano sample library. It is a 
Yamaha C5 recorded with 2 AKG C414 in an AB position about 10cm above 
the strings at 24bit48khz. It is downsampled to 16bit44.1khz because 
gigedit couldn't save files larger than 2gb. It's sampled in minor 
thirds with 17 velocity layers (some only 16 due to a nasty head ache 
when I recorded)

I'd like to have some feedback and have two questions answered. I've 
posted the same question on the linuxsampler forum but that doesn't seem 
to be the most active place in the world so I'll make a post here too.

The question: Can I make release samples to be played even if the 
sustain pedal is pressed?

The other question: How should I distribute it? I was thinking something 
like a torrent would be the most effective. I only got 512kbps up and 
It's about 1.5gb worth of .gig file

The Demo: http://j.imagehost.org/download/0912/GrandPianoUpdatedDemo 
Played by Alfonso Gugliucci, User PianistItaliano on youtube.

Linuxsampler forum thread: 

Thank you!

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