[LAU] Soon to be released Grand Piano sample library

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 09:44:41 EDT 2010

The piano sounds very nice indeed.

The other question: How should I distribute it? I was thinking something
> like a torrent would be the most effective. I only got 512kbps up and
> It's about 1.5gb worth of .gig file

Archive.org is the place that comes to my mind. If you can't do it yourself,
I could upload it for you. You send me a DVD with the file and I do the

A few things here:

   - I am not sure of the upload limit of Archive.org.
   - To keep you as the author, you could create an account on archive.org,
   pass me the details, then I upload the file, then you change the password.

Just a thought.

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