[LAU] Soon to be released Grand Piano sample library

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Mar 31 17:50:28 EDT 2010


On Wednesday 31 March 2010 12:42:58 alexander wrote:
> I'm currently making a rather big grand piano sample library. It is a
> Yamaha C5 recorded with 2 AKG C414 in an AB position about 10cm above
> the strings at 24bit48khz. It is downsampled to 16bit44.1khz because
> gigedit couldn't save files larger than 2gb. It's sampled in minor
> thirds with 17 velocity layers (some only 16 due to a nasty head ache
> when I recorded)

I haven't actually listened to the demo yet, but:

 - Can we convince you of going 48kHz/24bits? That is far more common in audio 
production. Using 44.1kHz in a setup running at 48kHz includes possibly nasty 
artefacts from up-sampling and a loss of precision and frequencies. Down-
sampling is far easier on the quality...
   Maybe its better to make do with one or two layers less. And maybe help to 
fix gigedit. linuxsampler is said to be able to do more then 2GB files.

 - When looking for compression for easier distribution: What about 
distributing a "source" archive that contains the wavpack/flac compressed raw 
samples, the gigedit file and a makefile for creation of the .gig-file?

Have fun,

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